• The worst part of being hurt is not being able to do the things you love. We treat many types of sports injuries and utilize the latest techniques to not only speed recovery but help you reach your potential. When you combine cutting edge treatment with education about proper mechanics, you can continue to be active and also prevent injuries in the future.

We Got Your Back Chiropractic

We are your friendly neighborhood Doctors who have started a business because we are different. I care, my team cares, and we want to show you real healthcare, how the body truly functions, and how to PREVENT problems in the future. We recognize that there are many doctors and a wide range of choices regarding your health and the health of those you love. I welcome you to our website. Please explore our web site and learn more about how We Got Your Back.


1Most people associate posture with the position in which they are sitting or standing. We have all had someone say sit up straight, stop slouching, shoulders back! These are common phrases that you will hear related to posture…

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2They say that “motion is life,” without enough movement or physical activity you may threaten your health. Some of these threats are high blood pressure, headaches, a lack of energy, weight gain, stress, arthritis and reduced range of motion…

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3Muscles support your structure, that’s their second function. Your skeleton would fall apart if your muscular system were to fatigue, quit working, relax everything, and get all loose. This can never happen, so your body …

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4Posture, flexibility, endurance, and strength of the muscular system are very important to ensure that your structure is supported. If the bones, joints, and discs of your structure support the weight of your body…

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The only people that truly care about your well being are the ones you would say “have your back”, be it friends, family, or loved ones.

"At We Got Your Back Chiropractic we want to restore motion in order to improve function. How well do you move?